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Price 48": $6,500.00


  • Built for mini skid steers with a RC/PT30 mount
  • The Mini Rotary Angle Broom is designed for sweeping of dirt, snow and other aggregates
  • This broom is designed specifically to meet the intense demands of our commercial customers
  • Available in a 48” width (43.5"" Broom pattern when fully angled)
  • Broom hydraulically angled 25 degrees in either direction
  • Revolutionary design features two caster wheels and a mount-frame adjustment arm to dramatically reduce bristle wear and improve performance
  • Broom is driven directly by a hydraulic motor using standard hydraulic flow (7 - 15 GPM)
  • 24" Poly Bristles
  • Equipped with two storage stands
  • Pistol Grip Control sold separately
  • Durable paint finish




Model # Broom Width Broom Adjustment Blade Width @ 25 Degree Angle 24" Diameter Bristle Sections Hydraulic Flow Required Approx. Weight
RAB-MSBC-48 48" Hydraulic 43.5” 27-convulted/ 4-straight 7 to 15 GPM 525 lbs.
* The above numbers reflect the capacity of the attachment, and may be in excess of the lift capacity of some skid steers. Please see your owners manual for specific lift capacities.


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