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  • Designed to be pulled with a 3PT Hitch Tractor.
  • The Conterra Arena Quantum is designed for use in all arena conditions.
  • Commercial Grade Teeth are offset on 8" centres for optimal grooming coverage.
  • Three Levelling Bars remove high spots and fill in low spots providing superior level footing.
  • The Rear Footing Stabilization Bar, adjusted using the Side-Wind Jack, allows you to alter compaction as required, and ensures a smooth surface for the roller, enhancing a firm top-dressing.
  • The Floating Flex-Hitch eliminates groomer skid around corners, allowing the groomer to travel in its own tracks.
  • The 2-Piece Roller improves arena stabilization and further reduces roller skid allowing each section of the roller to travel at independent speeds around corners.
  • Grooming Depth is managed by the Hydraulic Depth Control System with a range from 0" to 7.5" deep.
  • The Conterra Arena Quantum Teeth are the most durable tooth on the market. It is a pin-on commercial grade digging tooth, 2" wide x 6" long, and easily replace.
  • Large Floatation Tires are located inside the frame eliminating tire tracks on the groomed surface.
  • The Frame is constructed from 3-1/2" square tube with 1/4" laser cut steel side-plates, for years of dependable service.
  • All three Levelling Bars are laser cut from 3/8" steel plate.
  • The Footing Stabilization Bar is laser cut from 1/4" steel plate.
  • The 2-Piece Rear Roller is suspended by 4x1-1/2" heavy duty servicable bearings.
  • Two sizes to choose from, 96" & 112" wide.
  • Arena Water Kit available.
  • Durable paint finish.



QD Model # Recommended Power Width
CAQ-96 40-80HP 96" / 8ft
CAQ-112 80+HP 112"/9.4ft





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Strathmore, Alberta